Job Title
PA Program Officer/Assistant

Full Time

No. Hiring:2-3

Work Location:

We expect you to be able to take long trips and hold the fort in PAs, for ecological conservation, sweet and romantic as it may seem, requires full commitment to field work and nature to become part of it. Cities are as good as supply rooms. You must go out there, settle down, and find real problems that need to be addressed.

Main Tasks:

• Carrying out all that needs to be done for the PA and executing work plans;
•  Identifying points of attention to PA-related work and being able to make and implement plans toward desired outcomes;
• Optimizing work strategies and reporting the practical and theoretical operations of in-situ conservation.

We need you to have curiosity, ability to learn, and passion for frontline work.
Candidates should:

• Love nature, enjoy working in the great outdoors, and tough it out;
• Know how to read and write well in both Chinese and English with a Bachelor’s Degree or above;
• Be result and quality driven and NOT procrastinate;
• Be competent in communication, adaptable, teamwork-focused, and independent;
• It is okay if you don’t have much experience, but you must be resilient and able to learn;
• Follow a flexible work schedule.

• You may even get opportunities to share ideas and experiences overseas, not only frontline field work.
• You will earn a competitive salary with us based on our performance assessment;
• You may start your rewarding journey as a conservationist from a small task or a trip!

Step 1: Fill out an application form online;
Step 2: Send your resume to zx@pfi.org.cn