The Paradise International Foundation is a nonprofit environmental organization with a focus on nature conservation. We are committed to protecting the treasured lands and waters around the world with the charitable spirits, scientific measures, and sustainable means.

The Paradise is a child, an admirer, and a guardian of Mother Nature, of those verdant greens and clear waters she has bestowed upon the world. The Paradise is a group of inspired activists who believe in nature’s almighty power and who care about leaving a green world for future generations. We take delight in sweet morning dew after an early spring drizzle, thin smoke rising from the fields at dusk, and stars glistening against a black velvet of the night sky! We set out on a rational quest for new business paradigms that will help save the day. We also believe in human wisdom and the way we practice conservation by scientific approaches. Upholding such faith for the greater good, inch by inch we bring the land under the protection and safeguard the living spaces that mankind must defend.

Our most important mission
is to protect nature

Shawn Zhang, Executive Director & CEO, Paradise International Foundation

The Paradise International Foundation originally started out in response to a call among Chinese leading entrepreneurs, artists and philanthropists. The first term of board members include Jack Ma, Pony Ma, Baoguo Zhu, Guojun Shen, and Shawn Zhang; Thomas Ou was elected as Supervisor, Shawn Zhang as Executive Director, and Guojun Shen as Secretary-general. We honor collaboration and seek to support the local implementation of worthy conservation projects around the world. We attach great importance to local conservation and management capacity building, helping to explore sustainable fund-raising models and promote eco-friendly products. We work to organize environmental activities for the public, especially for young people, and provide volunteering opportunities. By doing so, we aim to encourage a healthy lifestyle that dictates the wisdom of “all start and end with nature” and to fulfill our vision of “preserving more lush mountains and lucid waters for future generations.”

Board Members & Advisors

Senior Voluntary Consultants

We have invited China’s most influential philanthropists, entrepreneurs and artists to set up a volunteer advisory panel in support of our management and operation.

The Board of Supervisors to the Advisory Panel

The Board of Supervisors to the Paradise Advisory Panel oversees the organization and behavior of the advisory panel and ensures that all the Paradise undertakings in which the panelists participate are of public-welfare-oriented nature.
Thomas Ou
Ying Wu
Vice Chair

Volunteer Advisors    (Alphabetized by last name)

Ming Cai
Shenzhen Minsen Investment Co., Ltd. / Chair
Stanley Choi
Head & Shoulders
Financial Group /
Xiao Chen
Bainiankangcheng Health
Management Group
Co., Ltd. / Chair
Xiaoying Chen
Alibaba Health Information Technology Limited / Executive Vice President
Yihong Chen
China Dongxiang (Group) Co., Ltd. / Chair
Oujie Cao
Hainan Huiyuan Investment Co., Ltd. / Chair

Team Members

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