This is how we make ourselves unique. This is what we hope you to see in us.
This is how we define our team’s personality. This is where we aim to cover more miles.

Commitment &
We aim for the long run and keep at it.
We take science-based practical approaches.
We are nature-oriented and public-minded.
Collaboration &
We import global vision and export China strength.
We nurture NGOs with good leadership and
unite governments andcorporations.
We provide easy access to resources and create replicable
conservation models.
Focus &
We value efficiency, budget wisely, and hold both end results
and processes transparent.
We make it possible to use new technologies and respond to
new policies.
We support the staffs personal growth and help them
achieve their potential.
Freedom &
We carry on all kinds of field work-in cities,villages,
forests, and oceans.
We seek diversity out of unity. build a flat management system,
and get all independent voices heard.
We remain results-driven and let imagination fly.