Paradise Products

The Paradise Products are positioned to build green e-commerce and connect urban consumers with impoverished villages around Nature Reserve in response to their development and sustainability issues. Measures include technical support, quality surveillance, and incentivization. They are designed to help the villagers improve their farming practices, raise the quality of their products. Finally those products will be sold to high-income consumers in cities through e-commerce platforms. In this way, we can help the development of Nature Reserve as well as the surrounding villages to achieve a win-win situation of ecological protection and economic development.

A win-win strategy
for environmental
protection and
economic development.


Paradise Product came about in 2017. Back in those earliest days we set firmly in place its QA guidelines and for the most part adhered to organic standards for farming and processing. We have laid down the Paradise Product Standards, selecting and monitoring the key indicators of each product to fully ensure its safety and quality.
In May 2018, we built a Tmall shop and thereby upgraded Paradise Product from an unofficial-looking Taobao status to a flagship online presence, resulting in a better brand display and traffic.
Throughout the year 2018, the Paradise Product team entered into a long-term supply and strategic partnership with several companies.
In February 2019, Paradise Product had a trial run of its first physical store at Yuyuan Road, Changning District, Shanghai. More eco-friendly products of high quality are being developed and will be placed on the shelves of the brick-and-mortar store.
In 2019, to gain greater impact as a social enterprise entity and cultivate its brand, Paradise Product will further expand the market, secure more domestic business partnerships, and deliver more farm products from Nature Reserve to high-end supermarkets in the coastal provinces of eastern China.