African Ranger Awards Judges 2019

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African Ranges Awards Winners 2019

Stories of Rangers 2019

Meet Marcel Ngangoue, Winner of the African Ranger Award
Marcel Ngangoue won the African Ranger Award 2019, which recognizes and supports the achievements and efforts of rangers working to combat the precipitous decline of Africa’s wildlife species due to poaching, habitat loss, and the illegal wildlife trade ...
Two Honeyguide Rangers Win African Ranger of the Year Award from Paradise Foundation
Two of these village game scouts, Lerumbe Kaay and Shinini Simel, have recently been selected to receive the prestigious 2019 African Ranger of the Year Award from the Paradise Foundation ...
Kenya Lake Victoria Waterkeeper Leonard Akwany Honored with 2019 African Ranger Award
Leonard is a Kenyan environmental scientist born in Kisumu, Western Kenya, who has been working as a ranger since 2002. Waterkeeper Alliance nominated him for his tireless efforts ...
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