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Africa Ranger Awards


Africa has the world's richest wildlife resources; however, wildlife trade is still rampant there although it is illegal. Rangers are the front-line defense against the intense and ever-present risk of poaching in Africa’s critical conservation areas. Every year, many rangers sacrifice their lives fighting against armed thieves and poachers. A survey in 2016 showed that in Africa, 82% of the rangers’ lives were at risk while on duty, and more than 60% of the rangers were directly attacked by poachers. In 2006-2016, at least 1,000 rangers died protecting wildlife.

On July 21, 2017, Jack Ma announced that the Alibaba Foundation together with the Paradise Foundation would set up a ten-year African Ranger Awards program to honor wildlife rangers in Africa.


The African Ranger Awards seek to illuminate the role of rangers in nature conservation and provide them with financial support in their effort to preserve our natural environment. By sharing those real-life stories, this award aims to help stem the current decline in Africa's wildlife populations.

New Rewards Policy:

Starting from 2020,10 African front-line wildlife rangers will be officially recognized each year. Each winner and his/her team will be awarded US$10,000 in total. The grants may support the individual ranger family, professional training, upgrade essential patrol gear, etc.

African Ranger Awards
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