Nature Experience
in Nature Reserve

In addition to the urban nature center, we also manage several land-trust Nature Reserve, including the Old Creek of Pingwu, the Bayuelin of the Leshan Mountains in Sichuan, the Jiulongfeng of the Huangshan Mountains in Anhui, the Xianghai Wetlands of Tongyu in Jilin, and the Taiyangping of Shennongjia in Hubei. These resources have made it possible for us to carry out public nature education activities, such as a Nature Guardian field study series for middle school students, a nature experience program for primary school students and parent-child groups, and special customized activities for institutions.

The Nature Guardian field study program for middle school students is designed to cultivate talented young leaders with a global vision and drive for action. Conservation-minded, this program covers a wide range of topics, including conservation status in China and around the world, the implications of land trust as an innovative measure where Nature Reserve are concerned, the use of new conservation tools, the compilation and analysis of conservation data, the diversity and complexity of problems faced by local communities around nature reserves, and community survey methodologies. While remaining painstakingly honest about opportunities and weaknesses in China's environmentalism, it offers young scientists a global perspective as well as a chance to practice in the field. It hones their leadership skills and other capabilities in teamwork, conflict resolution, and the way they think about convoluted social issues. These will help them better prepare for future academic and career pursuits.

Our nature experience services for primary school students and parent-child groups are mostly designed with a concern for what is increasingly known as "nature-deficit disorder." We provide easy access to a variety of activities to cultivate personal experience with nature. This includes activities to recognize animals and plants, nature games, nature art, bird watching, night tours and star gazing, folk customs, and agricultural experience. We allow young participants and their families to relax in the great outdoors, build a healthy parent-child and family relationship through play, adopt a good environmental mindset, and gain a fresh new perspective on the beauty and complexity of the Earth's ecosystems.

We may also customize activities to address an organization's needs and provide team building solutions, including nature therapy, field patrol and hiking, and civic participation.